Our Stories

Our Stories

TimeOut wouldn't be possible without the generous donors, loving families and brave recipients at the heart of all we do. Each new experience is a story of connection, community and compassion; caring people, coming together to give space their space, time and love to those who need it most. 

Here are some of our stories. 

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    Tania - Recipient

Recipient Quotes

  • The holiday place we stayed at was beautiful and the views fabulous. The hosts went to no end of trouble to make us feel welcome. We were so grateful for the time out in a holiday home. We enjoyed a much needed rest and it gave my husband and I quality time to spend together. Because of medical problems holidays have been difficult for us and the time out proved to be relaxing and beneficial to our well being. The TimeOut organization is a wonderful idea and is sure to help many people. With grateful thanks.


Holiday Home Owner Quotes

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