Our Stories

Our Stories

TimeOut wouldn't be possible without the generous donors, loving families and brave recipients at the heart of all we do. Each new experience is a story of connection, community and compassion; caring people, coming together to give space their space, time and love to those who need it most. 

Here are some of our stories. 

  • March 2021
    Sheryl - Recipient
  • July 2020
    Tania - Recipient
  • Dec 2019
    Ruby - Recipient
  • Dec 2019
    Penelope - Recipient
  • Nov 2019
    Sharon - Recipient
  • Oct 2019
    Sarah - Recipient

Recipient Quotes

  • I have had a rough time lately with some challenges put before me and my family, but when you are able to remove the hustle & bustle of daily life even for a short while, it can give us time to take a breath and reflect. This is how I feel right now. Thanks so much TimeOut, and many thanks to our holiday home donors for the lovely oasis provided for us.

  • Thank you so much for providing us with such a special place to make memories as a family that will last a lifetime. We were able to relax and enjoy our time together and that is the most special gift we could receive at this time.

    "The best gifts in the world are not the material objects one can buy from the store, but the memories we make with the people we love."

  • Thank you TimeOut for sorting us out a beautiful place to stay. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in the Coromandel, thank you to our amazing host.

  • We would like to say a massive thank you to the homeowner for letting us stay in her unit in Snells Beach on the waterfront! It was an amazing spot by the beach and we made heaps of lovely memories and visited beautiful beaches we had never been to. Thank you so much for making the holiday possible for us!

  • We all very much enjoyed our time away especially with my brothers being here in NZ and able to join us. Despite the crap weather we spent some really good time together. I really do feel that TimeOut is such a feel good thing, the giving in general to people with illness. I'm so thankful and blessed to be able to learn about and use these support services. Thanks again for all your help and all that TimeOut does.

  • I just wanted to say a big thank you for organising our TimeOut stay. We had the best few days away and I discovered the beautiful Mangawhai, which I had never been to before. The bach was welcoming, immaculately clean, and incredibly comfortable. The lovely family could not have been more friendly or helpful. We feel relaxed, refreshed and have created some beautiful cherished memories.Thank you!

  • Thank you to the homeowners for your kindness, generosity and all around amazing humanness. You selflessly gave to a family who is going through a tough time. Giving us time that we can spend together, sharing new experiences and love. We never know how much time we have and to be given some quality time like this means so much. Times have been low and you provided a high. We are so grateful! This kindness restored our hope in the kindness of strangers. Thank you! Priceless! We have one life and want to make the most of time while we have it.

  • In the end for our loved ones it's the memories that are precious

  • It was amazing! We loved our house and all the beautiful surroundings, the owner's were so generous and made us feel so welcome.Dad had a wonderful time he went fishing, we did day trips and spent time as a family playing board games, laughing and overeating!!Thank you for all your help! TimeOut have been amazing and we truly appreciate all your time and efforts. It is so refreshing to know there is still such kindness in the world

  • We had the most amazing break away at Oakura cottages. I have never met such friendly and generous people. The cottages we stayed in had everything in them to make our stay perfect in every way. I wrote this poem in appreciation:

    How nice to be here amongst the trees, Tuis calling in the gentle autumn breeze, Our bodies and minds our hearts all refreshed, Thank you for being here and meeting you our lives are truly blessed

  • A heartfelt thanks to the super-generous owners of this slice of heaven and to TimeOut for your attentive brokering of our stay. We were relaxed and recharged by the beauty of this stunning environment and the ultimate in classy, comfortable and convenient accommodation. None of us really knows when or if we will ever pass this way again but for us it served to make every moment even more precious.

  • There are no words that can express how grateful we are for this priceless gift. I told our host they were angels on earth as their gift of a few days will be forever with us. It was a time that I could forget about Dr's, hospital appointments, treatment and worrying about how to pay for medicine that is not funded to keep me alive. As we have custody of our 7 year old grandson's there is no money to have the Time Out which is so needed at times. I urge any holiday home owner if you can give 1 week a year to Time Out you give a lifetime of memories for those of us who will be gone before we should. Forever grateful.

  • The holiday place we stayed at was beautiful and the views fabulous. The hosts went to no end of trouble to make us feel welcome. We were so grateful for the time out in a holiday home. We enjoyed a much needed rest and it gave my husband and I quality time to spend together. Because of medical problems holidays have been difficult for us and the time out proved to be relaxing and beneficial to our well being. The TimeOut organization is a wonderful idea and is sure to help many people. With grateful thanks.

  • I appreciated the opportunity to stay in Moetapu Bay, Pelorous Sound. We enjoyed a very peaceful retreat, surrounded by bush and birds and close to the beach. We really appreciate the generosity of the owner to enable this time out. Thank you for organising this and to the TimeOut team

  • If rated out of ten, our stay would score a thousand. It was absolute bliss and so beautiful. Thank you for the beautiful job you do in helping realities like this come true xxx We truly couldn't have asked for a thing more, it was a perfect place so beautifully kept and the most beautiful souls looking after us. It was an adventure we loved and needed and I thank you so much. Lots and lots of love to you TimeOut, you are a permanent star in our sky always xxx

  • We had a wonderful stay, the house was beautiful and Mum had a really relaxing time. Thank you so much for doing this for us TimeOut. We left the owners a small thank you gift, I hope they received it.

  • We had an amazing time. Really relaxing and a time to connect as a family in what has been a busy 6 months. Having a change of scenery while going through treatment is a real tonic. Thanks so much to Time Out for the opportunity.

  • Thanks so much for organising the most fantastic accommodation. We had such a great few days. The holiday home owners were such nice people and their home is fabulous. Thanks again TimeOut, just what we needed. Two thumbs up from us and a huge thank you to you.

  • We had a fantastic family get together that we will never forget. I spoke with the homeowner and expressed our gratitude and what it meant for us all. We are all beyond grateful to him, but also for you and the TimeOut team for making it possible and actually happen for us... so thank you so much, we had a forever memory made for us all and we are still all talking about it, It has probably been the very best thing that has happened since we found out our sister is incurable. Please pass on all our regards and heartfelt gratitude for the wonderful treat you and these home owners helped create for us.

  • Thank you very much for organising such a lovely place. It was very tidy and clean house. We had a good time in there. Taupo is one of my favourite places in New Zealand. I was relaxed with nice views, foods and walking around the lake etc. I attached photos of me and my dog Milo. Thank you again!

  • We had an amazing time away together as a family. Jane was an incredible host, we are so thankful for their kindness and generosity. I also would like to thank TimeOut for making the trip possible for us. It was lovely to have the time away from the hustle and bustle of city traffic and the routine of hospital appointments. Time together in a peaceful and tranquil place like Whiritoa where everything was at a slower pace. We enjoyed walks along the beach just re-connecting with one another, away from computers and technology. Just appreciating the beauty of it all. We have created some lovely memories

  • TimeOut was amazing for us, they arranged our stay exactly where we wanted to go, there was no fuss and great communication. Our host was also great communicating with us regularly so that when we got to the bach we knew exactly what to expect and could just appreciate our gorgeous surroundings and the amazing break from the reality of what was going on at home. Thanks so much to the people at TimeOut and to our amazing host.

  • It was priceless watching all our children enjoying this wonderful TimeOut and we all have solid memories as a family which are now going to be with us all forever. The memories are what it was all about and are going to last us all a lifetime. It truly was that time out and creating life long memories, something we will always treasure it actually brought tears of joy seeing our children so distracted with the energy of family and not the journey of a diagnosis that has held us all to ransom, it was good being positive and happy again. Thank you for the joy and love and laughter this has brought to our family.

  • Kia ora, the TimeOut was amazing, we have so many precious memories to hold with us forever. Mum/Nana loved her time, we even managed to take her down to the beach for a couple of short trips. This lifted her spirits and ours immensely. Mum enjoyed being able to sit on the couch and watch the kids play and be part of every moment, she especially enjoyed all of the fun and laughter caused by our nightly games of charades! We are so grateful to the holiday home owner for their gift of time, it means the world to all of us. Thank you so much TimeOut for enabling us to have this time together. Nga mihi

  • Thank you very much for providing us a wonderful place to stay in Rotorua. We are really appreciative and thankful to TimeOut. Both of my children enjoyed the stay in Rotorua. And thanks again to TimeOut for providing this opportunity let me have a chance to take my daughter who is 5 years old and has been diagnosed of cancer stage IV, and my family out of Auckland, and has no worries to think of where to stay! Without this opportunity it will be a struggle for me to take them out. I have no words except say thanks to Time Out and the great owner of the house.


Holiday Home Owner Quotes

  • We recently lost our father after a long battle with kidney and heart failure. He was hooked up to a dialysis machine in one of his 3 weekly sessions watching the tv when the TimeOut charity was featured. Dad got straight on the phone to me to look it up and get his place at Whangamata put on this list of Bach's. He loved being able to give families a place to stay and create memories where his family memories were made. Now he has passed, we get to continue his kindness.

  • We thoroughly enjoyed having our guests to stay. They were very warm and friendly and left the flat in immaculate condition beyond our expectations. Personally we felt privileged and happy to be able to share our AirBnB with them, and give them an opportunity to make some memories in our beautiful surroundings. I look forward to the next opportunity to provide a TimeOut stay.

  • The visit was really successful, they really seemed to enjoy the cottage and the peace and quiet. They were very appreciative, and it was lovely to chat with them, and learn about their lives. It was a privilege and a pleasure to host them, hopefully I will be able to gift more families in the future, through the TimeOut charity. I found that your communication and follow up emails were excellent and the whole process went smoothly.

  • It is always a pleasure and an honour to open our holiday home up for couples and families needing some special togetherness - to help them take time out without the daily/hourly cares that come with the stresses and strains of their personal crises at home. We make an effort to be welcoming - without disturbing or disrupting their precious time and peace together. Just knowing that we've helped provide them with some special days away when they most need it is so fulfilling and worth doing many times over.

  • To others who have such accommodation they can offer the Terminally ill through TimeOut Charity I can say Just Do It. It gives people an emotional boost time in their time of need. You will also have that feel good factor having made someone's life that much better for at least the time they are your guests'

  • I feel so blessed to have been able to help in this way!

  • It was a fantastic experience. It was lovely to meet with and chat to the family. The process through TimeOut was very easy, thank you for providing this service. We had such kindness and support from all sorts of people when our daughter had terminal cancer it feels really special to be able to do something for a family facing similar times. I look forward to being able to host other families.

  • The whole stay went very smoothly and they sent me a lovely follow up email with photos attached of her and family on the beach. We would certainly donate our home again if we are in a position to again in the future.

  • The family absolutely loved it. They used the kayaks and they swam. Also they loved sitting on the deck watching the birds. They also left quite a bit of food behind for us. Didn't expect that at all. They also left us a thank you note and xmas card and a box of chocolate which is lovely. I didn't expect anything at all because we joined this charity and expect nothing at all. Just for people to enjoy our wee piece of paradise. Bring on the next family!

  • It was an absolute Pleasure to look after this family, they are inspirational. It was a great feeling for us to assist like this and we are here for you in the future. This family were so appreciative, it made us feel so proud. Thank you TimeOut.

  • The stay went really well, thank you, absolutely problem-free from our point of view! We really enjoyed meeting and talking with them - it was a long way for them to travel, but they certainly made the most of their time here. I would be more than happy to host more stays through TimeOut, it was a wonderful opportunity for us to show some compassion and love for others. So if you have anyone else who needs a peaceful stay in a farm cottage beside a river, let me know!

  • The visit went without a hitch. On returning to the house, which was left in immaculate condition I found a gift and letter which was simply amazing. As a family member was a commercial artist, they left me a beautiful watercolor of my house which I will treasure forever. However, of most value to me was the letter, in which they described how much it meant to them to have this break away as a family. It was most moving and that alone made the whole experience so worthwhile. Thank you Time Out, I cannot recommend others to come on board with your amazing organisation highly enough.