Provide NZ families a last opportunity to build timeless memories

TimeOut connects generous holiday home or bach owners with people with life-threatening illness so they can spend some quality time with their friends and family

TimeOut Has Over 80 Holiday Houses & Growing!

From generous bach owners around New Zealand.

For those with life-threatening illness to spend quality time with friends & family

in a difficult time

Completely free! No booking, registration or cancellation fees

At this time family, finances are strained.

Quick & easy process

Apply online with proof of illness

Specify family members, date & time

We match you with a holiday home

You connect with the owner to finalise

About TimeOut

Provide those with life-threatening illness and their immediate families a break with a small cost.

When people have a life-threatening illness, the family life revolves around the illness. It is difficult to escape the illness, with bills to pay, medicines around the house. TimeOut, away from home gives the family an opportunity to come closer together, allowing a lot of the stresses and pressures to be put aside for a short time.

Families are strengthened by knowing others care about them enough to give them some practical help and support. Often a lot of the support offered at this time is medical and directed at the person with the illness. TimeOut centers on the entire family.

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Every year, more than 24,000 people & their families experience life-threatening illness in NZ

You can help many with little effort or commitment

Your vacant bach can provide an amazing TimeOut for families who have little time left

They may just have a few months left with their loved ones.

Donate in a big way without spending cash

Provide your holiday home or bach to those with a life-threatening illness that otherwise might struggle to afford it.

Small effect on your existing holiday home income

You can choose to donate your bach only for the time it is vacant.

Bach Owner FAQ

Can I donate in the offseason?
Totally, you can donate your bach for any time of the year.
Will I know who would be in the house? How many people?
We verify all the individuals who will be using the property and share the details with you before confirming their stay.
How about my health and safety liability?
We ask that all guests are safe to travel and take care of their health & safety depending on the stage of their health condition and other relevant factors.
What about insurance?

If you don’t usually rent out your holiday home then your insurance for a residential home may exclude cover for damage by guests. We recommend that you check your policy and get advice from your insurer or insurance broker about your coverage.

We recommend you get advice before signing up with Timeout as clause 4.1(d) of our terms and conditions for providers says you acknowledge that the property is adequately insured for use by the recipient.

What are the costs that I will incur?
You might have management costs or cleaning costs that will not be covered by TimeOut or the terminally ill family. The Terminally ill family are asked to clean the property however you might prefer a deeper professional clean on their exit.
How does this affect my Tax?
Donated time is currently considered personal time by IRD in relation to the mixed-use asset formula.

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We are on a break from the 21st December and will be back on board on the 29th of January 2020. You can still send your enquiries or applications in the meantime and we will respond once we are back. Happy Holidays from the team at TimeOut!