Our Stories

Our Stories

TimeOut wouldn't be possible without the generous donors, loving families and brave recipients at the heart of all we do. Each new experience is a story of connection, community and compassion; caring people, coming together to give space their space, time and love to those who need it most. 

Here are some of our stories. 

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    Penelope - Recipient

Recipient Quotes

  • If rated out of ten, our stay would score a thousand. It was absolute bliss and so beautiful. Thank you for the beautiful job you do in helping realities like this come true xxx We truly couldn’t have asked for a thing more, it was a perfect place so beautifully kept and the most beautiful souls looking after us. It was an adventure we loved and needed and I thank you so much. Lots and lots of love to you TimeOut, you are a permanent star in our sky always xxx


Holiday Home Owner Quotes

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