Our Stories

Our Stories

TimeOut wouldn't be possible without the generous donors, loving families and brave recipients at the heart of all we do. Each new experience is a story of connection, community and compassion; caring people, coming together to give space their space, time and love to those who need it most. 

Here are some of our stories. 

  • Sheryl - Recipient profile image
    Sheryl - Recipient
  • Tania - Recipient profile image
    Tania - Recipient
  • Ruby - Recipient profile image
    Ruby - Recipient
  • Penelope - Recipient profile image
    Penelope - Recipient
  • Sharon - Recipient profile image
    Sharon - Recipient
  • Sarah - Recipient profile image
    Sarah - Recipient

Recipient Quotes

  • It was priceless watching all our children enjoying this wonderful TimeOut and we all have solid memories as a family which are now going to be with us all forever. The memories are what it was all about and are going to last us all a lifetime. It truly was that time out and creating life long memories, something we will always treasure it actually brought tears of joy seeing our children so distracted with the energy of family and not the journey of a diagnosis that has held us all to ransom, it was good being positive and happy again. Thank you for the joy and love and laughter this has brought to our family.


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