Meet our amazing new Ambassador, Honey Hireme-Smiler, Sport Commentator, and former Captain of the Kiwi Ferns.

Honey’s connection with TimeOut’s mission is personal, shaped by her own journey alongside her wife Rochelle, who was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in December 2021.Having personally experienced a TimeOut retreat with her family, Honey recognises the profound healing that a brief escape can bring.

“Our stay meant the world to us. Thanks to TimeOut, we filled our cups away from the hustle and bustle and spent time enjoying the things we love to do like watching sunsets, exploring the outdoors and focusing on self-care. We were able to have open conversations, plan, and reset priorities in the continued fight against this cancer diagnosis.”

Honey advocates for more generous donations of stays, recognizing the priceless impact these experiences can have.

“These TimeOut moments are such a gift as they create a haven for families to take a break, spend quality time, recoup, refocus, and create beautiful memories during such a difficult time in life.”

Welcome Honey to the TimeOut family, we are so grateful to have your support!