The TimeOut Story

The TimeOut Charity began in 2016 by Ronda Amende. Ronda’s story starts in 2013 when she was diagnosed with a rare cancer and given 12 months to live.¬†She went through 3 years of Chemotherapy and battled her cancer into remission.

In the early stages, Ronda and her family of 5 went through a tough time coming to grips with the illness and the fact that Ronda might only have 1 more year with her family. A work colleague offered Ronda and her family their holiday home on the hills around Lake Taupo. This time away from the pressures was extremely valuable for Ronda and the family and made a big difference.

Since then Ronda has been working on ways that she could make this happen for other people in that difficult position. The idea of forming the charity TimeOut began and has continued through to fruition with many holiday homes in New Zealand now on offer for people with life-threatening illnesses and their families.

Ronda and her family

The TimeOut Timeline

First Steps

Ronda starts taking steps to transform her idea of a charity dedicated to providing a TimeOut into a reality.


Following a segment on Seven Sharp, TimeOut receive it’s first lot of holiday house donations from generous New Zealanders around the country.

Our Board

Ronda Amende and a group of like minded and dedicated supporters form the TimeOut Charitable Trust Board.

Charity Status

TimeOut is granted Official Charity status!

Online Presence

The TimeOut Facebook page is gathering  attention and the TimeOut Website launched


Working with Hospice, Sweet Louise and other organisations, our August referrals for a TimeOut reached a record 29.


TimeOut gets it’s Certificate of Incorporation which gets us on track for becoming an official charity

Database Growth

Our database of holiday houses is now over 70 and continuing to grow at a steady pace.

Holiday Home Owners

Without generous holiday home or bach owners, TimeOut would not be possible. Their donation of time in their holiday home is what allows us to gift the experience to a person with life-threatening (terminal) illnesses and their families.

Considering donating time in your Holiday House?

You can give to people diagnosed with a life-threatening (terminal) illness. You can help them and their families get through a difficult time with little cost and effort. If you have a Holiday Home, you can signup to TimeOut and donate days, weeks or months of the year to dedicate to the TimeOut Charity.

When we get a TimeOut request, we will get in touch with you or your Property Manager to see what the current availability is. We will then work with you or your Property Manager to confirm the booking and connect you to the receiving family.

To find out more information on donating your holiday home or to donate click the button below.

Need a TimeOut?

TimeOut’s mission is to be able to provide those with life-threatening illnesses a break from their current environment and stresses and give them and their families a chance to relax and create timeless memories.

Looking to request a TimeOut?

If you or someone in your family has been diagnosed with a life-threatening (terminal) illness, you will understand how difficult it can be getting to grips with the news and knowing time with this person could be limited. Money is also a challenge with the many bills coming in for doctors, specialists, tests, and medication. Justifying a break away can be difficult.

TimeOut allows you to take that much-needed break and spend quality time with family and friends. TimeOut gives you as a family an opportunity to build those important family memories while you can.

To book a TimeOut click on the button below.